Mental Health Practitioner

Solutions is looking for Mental Health Practitioners in our various locations. Mental Health Practitioners will be under the supervision of a Mental Health Professional, provides rehabilitative mental health services that implement the goals and objectives of the individual treatment plan for a child/adult with mental health needs.  These services are designed to meet specific mental health needs of the child/adult and support the family in activities of daily and community living. Services are also designed to improve the social functioning of the child/adult and in areas important to the child/adult’s establishing or maintaining residency in the community. Such services allow the child/adult to replace inappropriate skills with developmentally and therapeutically appropriate daily living skills, social skills and leisure and recreational skills which will reduce the risk of out of home placement.  Services must assist the child/adult’s family in arranging crisis services.  Services must be provided in the child/adult’s residence and other community or recreational setting.  The CTSS/ARMHS Mental Health Practitioner may provide supervision of a Level 1 or Level 2 Mental Health Behavioral Aide, under the oversight of the Mental Health Professional.

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Behavior Health Technician

Are you interested in a career in the mental health field? Becoming a Behavioral Health Technician is a perfect starting point!

As an entry-level position, Solutions employs BHTs from a variety of backgrounds, including those with high school degrees, those in college, recent college graduates, or those just starting out in the mental health field.  This is an ideal position for those seeking to gain experience in the mental health field, as well as students seeking part-time or full-time work and experienced mental health workers looking to further develop their skills.

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