The internship at Solutions offers multiple opportunities for professional development as a clinical psychologist within an interdisciplinary context. This Predoctoral Internship is a generalist training program which is designed to prepare the Intern to be a competent Psychologist. The intern will work with a wide range of ages and clinical conditions. The goal over the course of the year is for the Intern to develop the many competencies needed to practice independently as an ethical professional psychologist.

Interns at Solutions are valued as individuals who each bring unique academic, professional and personal attributes to the Psychology Department. There is a vibrant process of learning and synergy which occurs when Psychology Staff of a variety of backgrounds and levels of training work together. The skills, talents, abilities and interests the interns bring benefit the Psychology Department and the organization as a whole.

he internship year is largely the last chance for the intern to practice new clinical skills with a safety net of supervision and support, the Intern’s schedule, therefore, reflects a focus on clinical activity. The emphasis of the internship is on the practice of professional psychology, guided by the intern’s academic experiences, the supervision process, relevant research, and mentoring by others with perhaps varied theoretical orientations. Core activities include assessment, psychological interventions, crisis intervention/on-call, and behavioral intervention/consultation. The program is structured to teach interns basic competencies through these core activities, as well as to nurture special interest areas the intern may have, through elective options.

Over the course of the training year, our goal is for the Interns to develop an intermediate to advanced level of competency with diagnostic interviewing, psychological assessment, crisis intervention / on-call services, psychotherapy, and behavioral intervention / consultation.