Intern Schedules

On Mondays and Wednesdays Interns go to the Detroit Lakes office. There is a Monday morning testing block and a Wednesday afternoon testing block, and therapy time is available on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. At noon on Mondays the outpatient case consultation meeting is held. This is a good time for Interns to connect with other staff and learn about case presentation. Supervision time is scheduled for Monday mornings and connects to testing, so that observation and real time feedback can also occur, especially early in the year.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays Interns are involved with activities for their assigned rotations, as well as general clinical activities. On Tuesday mornings the Moorhead outpatient case consultation meeting is held. Interns have scheduled testing time on either Tuesday or Thursday, depending upon their rotation. The DBT group supervision is held on Tuesdays. The Intern on the DBT rotation also attends the residential case consultation meeting on Thursdays. The Intern on the ABA rotation attends the autism case consultation meeting on Thursday mornings and engages in activities for this rotation on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  MAP supervision occurs on some Tuesdays in lieu of the Outpatient Case Consultation and substitutes for one of the regularly scheduled group supervision meetings. Individual supervision is scheduled for Thursday afternoons. One Thursday morning per month Interns provide consultation at the crisis meeting.

Fridays tend to involve administrative activities. A brown bag group supervision is held over the noon hour. Internal didactic presentations are held weekly on Friday afternoons. On Friday mornings there is a rotation of monthly meetings, including the Outpatient administrative meeting (2nd Friday), research seminar (3rd Friday) and Psychology Department meeting (4th Friday). Click here to see a sample schedule for each rotation.

The amount of face- to- face client time increases as Interns’  skill and comfort level increases. While the focus of the Internship is always on training and not “productivity,” in order for Interns to successfully transition to the demands of a future independent practice, they must develop the stamina and efficiency in service provision documentation to begin to approximate the typical expectations for a licensed psychologist in a future practice setting. In the schedule below client time and paperwork is grouped together, since late canceled and failed appointments provide natural and sufficient paperwork time. Interns are also provided support and supervision to learn concurrent note writing.

The average time spent in various training activities each week is listed below. Projections for assessment  time includes time spent scoring and interpreting; projections for intervention times include planning interventions and consolidating outcome data:

  • Assessment - 10 hours (25%)

  • Intervention - 14 hours (40%)

  • Consultation - 4 hours (10%)

  • Supervision - 5 hours (12.5%)

  • Didactic Training - 2 hours (5.0%)

  • Other (Administrative) - 5 hours (12.5%)

A general structure of Intern’s schedules for the two rotations is depicted below. Keep in mind that there may be some day to day changes, however this diagram gives a good picture about the balance of time and activities.