Behavioral Intervention Services

Solutions provides Behavioral Intervention Services for children and adults with behavioral disturbances, mental health problems, developmental disabilities and related disorders.

What is Behavioral Intervention?

Behavioral Intervention is a service to facilitate therapeutic approaches for individuals with behavior problems. Behavior intervention planning is assessment-based. Interventions address the function and efficiency of the problematic behavior in the least restrictive manner and promote the development of alternative adaptive skills. Services are provided by trained Behavior Intervention Specialists.

Referrals are appropriate when:

  • Behavior is dangerous or disruptive
  • Caretakers are overwhelmed and frustrated
  • The individual's placement is in jeopardy
  • Psychotropic medication is being considered or utilized
  • Behaviors interfere with efforts to promote independence
  • A fresh treatment conceptualization is needed
  • Those working with the individual are not in agreement about the approach to use

Treatment Planning

Problem Areas Addressed:

  • Aggressive and violent behavior
  • Socially intrusive behavior
  • Anxiety problems
  • Oppositional and defiant behavior
  • Destructive behavior
  • Poor interpersonal skills


Solutions works with families, other care givers, and treatment teams to develop effective behavioral interventions. The emphasis is on promoting personal responsibility and motivation, facilitating natural outcomes for choices, and actively teaching and reinforcing alternative pro-social behaviors to enable individuals to live in the least restrictive environment possible and maintain normalized roles.

Behavioral Consultation

Consultative services are available for ongoing monitoring of the effectiveness of behavioral intervention approaches, including technical assistance, data review/analysis and accuracy of implementations of outlines procedures.

Direct Services

Technical staff are available to provide on-site program implementation for the management of behavioral problems.

Staff Training

Staff training is provided on client-specific program plans, using vignettes, role plays, and scripting of specific responses. Training is viewed as an active and ongoing process and occurs in conjunction with program monitoring. In-services are also available on a variety of clinical topics, such as therapeutic intervention, client-centered behavior programming, AD/HD, behavioral disorders, developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and motivational strategies.

Crisis Consultation

24-hour telephone consultation is available to assist in crisis stabilization. Arrangements may be made for on-site consultation by a specialist.