Mental Health Practitioners

Solutions is supported and its mission upheld by its exceptional Mental Health Practitioners! Mental Health Practitioners (MHP) work under the clinical supervision of a licensed Mental Health Professional, implementing mental health treatment plans for children and adults. MHP's are not the same as Personal Care Attendants (PCA) or companions; they provide treatment.

The majority of MHPs provide community-based therapy and skills training designed to help individuals with mental health symptoms gain improvements in functioning which has been lost or not developed due to a mental health condition. For example, an adult with a serious mental illness may have difficulty managing personal needs, and may need assistance learning organizational skills. A child with ADHD may experience social difficulties and may require assistance learning important skills such as staying on task, waiting, or taking turns. Mental Health Practitioners provide this hands on teaching in the environments where the skills are needed. Mental Health Practitioners may also help parents learn parenting skills, such as setting effective limits with their children, attending to positive behavior, developing structure to facilitate daily routines, and addressing roadblocks to consistency.

Sometimes mental health conditions can put the individual at risk of hospitalization or out of home placement. The services of the MHP are flexible enough to be provided with greater frequency and intensity during those times of need, and can be coordinated with emergency services. Since hospitalization or other out of home placements are disruptive and ultimately do not "fix" the problem at hand, Solutions works diligently to provide a service delivery system which assists individuals in safely managing their mental health issues at home. Mental Health Practitioners work as a team with the individual's therapist and other providers to facilitate this objective.

Solutions employs a number of individuals in the position of Mental Health Practitioner. Requirements for hire as an MHP include 1) a college degree in a human service field and one year of experience implementing mental health treatment plans or 2) a high school diploma and three years of experience implementing mental health treatment plans. Many of our entry level staff transition to become Mental Health Practitioners as they gain the needed education and experience. Additionally, there are several levels of MHPs, which further allows the MHP to develop professionally, taking on greater levels of responsibility, particularly for individuals in the process of earning graduate degrees.

To find current job openings for the position of Mental Health Practitioner, check out our Employment page.