Supervision is an essential component to the Intern’s’ experiences, and is the glue which connects all of the other learning experiences. The program is committed to ensuring that the internship year is clearly a training experience for the Interns, and that the focus is not on productivity. That said, in order for the Interns to develop the breadth of experience needed to practice independently following Internship, there must be sufficient clinical experience built into the program, and the ability to develop a reasonable pace. The focus of supervision initially is on assessing Interns’ skill level, and then matching developmentally appropriate tasks and activities. These are built on throughout the internship year, increasing expectations as Interns’ skill and comfort level increases, and as they are able to effectively manage their clinical practices in a competent, safe and ethical manner.

Supervision is an interactive process, although has a hierarchical structure. It encompasses the internship year. Supervision includes the process of evaluation of the Interns, both formally and informally. The supervision process is designed to support the APA Profession-Wide Competencies, and to be a transparent process. Supervision is documented on the Intern Supervision Documentation Form by the supervisors each week, with both the supervisor and Intern signing off on the form.  These forms are kept in the Training Director’s office, and are used for Interns’ formal evaluations.

A minimum of four hours of supervision is scheduled with Interns each week. It is understood that Interns  have access to more supervision and consultation on an informal basis throughout the course of the week. It is further understood that Interns may be required to participate in supervision in excess of that required if they are undergoing remediation or are on probation. The primary supervisor in each location Director of Clinical Training acts as primary supervisor and holds responsibility for the cases upon which supervision is provided and for the provision of supervision of the Interns by other appropriately licensed professionals.

Individual Supervision
Individual supervision with a Licensed Psychologist is scheduled twice per week for one hour at times that are convenient for both the psychologist and Intern. Supervision is regularly provided for each client that Interns see for therapy. Supervision is a learning experience coupled with feedback and focused on enhancing and developing clinical skills which help Interns become competent professionals. Interns and supervisors discuss goals, training, and expectations. During supervisor absences, an alternative Licensed Psychologist is available for supervision. When working with clients, Interns inform their clients of their “intern” status, and that they are working under supervision. Interns provide the information of the supervisor to the clients.

Dr. Kao is the primary supervisor for all clinical activities in the Moorhead office, while Dr. Blake is the primary supervisor for those activities occurring in Detroit Lakes. Dr. Jones supervises testing that occurs in the Moorhead office. While Interns work with other professionals during the course of the year, such as while on rotations, the primary supervisor for that office location is responsible for all of the clinical activities performed by Interns.

Group Supervision
Two hours of supervision is provided weekly through a group format with other Interns. This gives Interns an opportunity to discuss clinical and administrative processes as well as provide support to one another. There are several group supervision meetings scheduled for interns.

  • Outpatient Group Supervision. Drs. Kao and Paulson run a one-hour group supervision for Interns each week.

  • DBT Group Supervision. Andrew Hoerauf runs a one-hour group supervision meeting for Interns and two or three other staff who are also learning DBT. The Intern on the DBT rotation attends this group supervision on a weekly basis.

  • ABA Group Supervision. Dr. Witte runs an ABA small group supervision each week for Interns and BCBA trainees. The Intern on the ABa rotation attends this supervision group.

  • MAP Group Supervision. Denette Narum conducts MAP group supervision the first and third Tuesday mornings from November to April for Interns and a small group of other MAP trainees in the organization (newly hired therapists). Interns attend these supervision groups as scheduled, in addition to their regularly scheduled group supervision meetings. On the weeks that MAP supervision is scheduled, they do not attend the Outpatient case consultation in Moorhead, as the time conflicts.

Supervision Activities
Supervision generally occurs in-person, although Solutions has secure videoconferencing capabilities should the supervisor need to be off site during a scheduled supervision session. Methods of supervision may include the following:

  • Direct observation of clinical activity (assessment, intervention, testing, consultation)

  • Video and/or audio review of sessions

  • Observation and feedback via bug-in-the-ear technology

  • Review of written works (i.e. assessment reports, letters)

  • Review of notes (i.e., progress notes, consultation notes, contact notes)

  • Review of the client chart

  • Review of outcome measures