Case Managers

Solutions provides Targeted Mental Health Case Management for Medicaid recipients in certain Minnesota counties. Our Case Managers provide services to clients with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) and children with Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED). They offer affected individuals assistance in gaining access to necessary medical, social, educational, financial and other services necessary to ensure stabilization of functioning and meet individualized mental health needs. Case Managers meet with clients face-to-face or via telephone contact, and coordinate with the client's family or other service providers as needed. Case Managers are responsible for developing a community support plan for the client and ensuring necessary services are obtained as well as monitoring these services.

Examples of mental health and community services which may be accessed include:

  • Individual, family, or group therapy
  • Helping manage medication issues
  • Day treatment
  • Home-based therapeutic services, such as Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services
  • Education and health services
  • Housing and related needs

Our Case Managers have completed at least 2000 hours of supervised experience or received DHS-approved training upon hire.