Residential Program Manager


This position oversees the implementation of programming for assigned individuals with various disabilities being served in a 24-hour corporate foster care setting to enhance independence.  The Staff Supervisor provides input to the larger care team, and works closely with the Program Coordinator to ensure program implementation, data collection, and program monitoring.  The Staff Supervisor oversees the scheduling and supervision of Behavioral Health Technicians, and ensures staff coverage. The position will provide direction and coaching to Behavioral Health Technicians. It will ensure proper documentation in the chart, including progress notes, activity notes, program data, medication administration, medical appointment notes, incident reports, etc.  This position will work with the Program Coordinator, Behavior Analyst, and Program Director to ensure adherence to foster care and waivered services licensing regulations.


Must be at least 21 years of age.

Leadership skills required.

Supervision experience preferred

Excellent problem solving skills

Knowledge of therapeutic intervention and crisis intervention strategies

Must have good communication and interpersonal skills.

Must possess a college degree in the human services field and have 2,000 hours relevant experience 0R have a high school diploma/GED and 6,000 hours relevant experience.

Must pass a comprehensive Criminal Background Check.

Possess a valid driver license, and current proof of insurance.

Essential Functions:


Staff Supervisor Responsibilities Include:

  • Ensure that staff implement client programs as written

  • Oversee and monitor client program progress

  • Maintain outcome data for specific program goals and provide this to Program Coordinator for completion of monthly reviews.

  • Plan daily living activities to promote independence, such as cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, community involvement, recreation and leisure skills, social activities, communication skills, personal safety skills and personal responsibility

  • Coordinate scheduling of medical, therapeutic, and other necessary appointments with Program Coordinator

  • Communicate client health concerns with the Nurse Consultant and/or make needed arrangements for medical care

  • Develop and oversee client activity schedules, commensurate with individual needs and developmental level

  • Ensure staff have had site-specific training and orientation prior to working at that site; furthermore ensure staff orientation and training to client programming prior to working with that client.

  • Participate in a rotating schedule to provide crisis/back up support to staff on weekends and after business hours.


Administrative Responsibilities include:

  • Provide administrative supervision to Behavioral Health Technicians (BHTs).

  • Conduct employee performance evaluations within designated time lines

  • Ensure proper staffing schedules, with assistance of Operations Manager

  • Ensure staff receive orientation and training, as required for licensing standards

  • Review Incident Reports, and follow up as indicated, to manage risks in the work environment

  • Assist in Internal Investigations, as appropriate

  • Collect and process receipts for client purchases

  • Attend weekly staff meetings and contribute to the agenda  

  • Contribute to the development of agency policy and procedure as requested

  • Attend supervisory meetings as requested

  • Maintain training requirements, per foster care regulations


Expected professional and team behavior includes:

  • Represent the agency and management team in a positive light

  • Dress appropriately for the job

  • Work in a positive and cooperative manner with others

  • Resolve problems constructively

  • Take initiative; be willing to pitch in; be energetic

  • Communicate openly and directly with others

  • Show flexibility when situations arise and re-prioritize tasks when needed


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