Licensed Mental Health Professional

Job Summary:        

  • Provides assessment and mental health treatment to individuals, couples and families utilizing accepted standards of clinical practice, including HIPAA and Rule 29 requirements.


  • Must possess at least a master’s degree and be licensed as an Independent Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Psychologist, and/or licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, or Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.            

Essential Functions:

 Clinical Responsibilities Include:

  •  Provision of counseling or psychotherapy to assigned clients
  • Complete diagnostic assessments, with supervision as required
  • Referring for psychological testing and evaluation as needed
  • Completion of treatment plans and periodic treatment plan reviews and updates
  • Collateral contact with other service providers, as appropriate
  • Participation in case consultation with other clinical staff as required by standards
  • Provide clinical supervision of clients involved with the Children’s Therapeutic Services and Support unit both off and on site.

Administrative Responsibilities include:

  • Complete notes for services rendered in a timely manner, in keeping with policy
  • Provide required information for billing to third party payers (e.g., prior approval for managed care / insurance)
  • Maintain continuing education requirements for professional licensing
  • Attend team meetings as necessary
  • Contribute to the development of agency policies and procedures as assigned

Expected professional and team behavior includes:

  • Direct communication with colleagues
  • Displaying a positive attitude about your job and the clinic
  • Resolving problems in a constructive manner
  • Marketing the agency and services
  • Working in a positive and cooperative manner with others
  • Showing flexibility when situations change, and re-prioritize work tasks when needed
  • Perform other duties as required or assigned

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