Behavior Interventionist I

The Behavior Interventionist I conducts Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention for children with a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or related condition using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  ABA services are provided to assist children and families achieve those goals outlined in the Individual Treatment Plan. Services are provided in the home, community, or office setting. The Behavior Interventionist I works under the clinical supervision of the Qualified Supervising Professional (QSP) or a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Starting wage for the Behavior Interventionist I is $13.00/hour.


  1. Has a high school diploma or GED; or

  2. One year of experience as a primary personal care assistant, community health worker, waiver service provider, or special education assistant to a person with ASD or related condition within the previous five years.

The Behavior Interventionist I will work under the supervision of the Qualified Supervising Professional or a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Other requirements for this position include:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • Must pass a criminal background check

  • Must possess a valid driver’s license, have current automobile insurance and a reliable vehicle

  • Training and experience in conducting Discrete Trial Training and a working knowledge of Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Ability to work independently to meet job requirements and productivity expectations

  • Willingness to maintain a flexible schedule to meet client needs, managing appointment cancellations and prioritizing activities when needed

  • A desire to work in home and community settings with children having difficulties

  • Comfort and ability working with clients who may exhibit behavior problems

  • Skills to work with a variety of cultures

  • Skills in managing emotionally-charged situations / crises

  • Sufficient organizational skills to manage daily charting requirements

  • Proficiency in the use of computers


1.    Clinical Responsibilities:  Clinical responsibilities are conducted under the supervision of a Qualified Supervising Professional (QSP) or Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and include: 

·         Along with the BCBA, developing and implementing a culturally appropriate treatment plan for each child.

·         Independently conducting one on one sessions of Discrete Trial Training, utilizing principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

·         Address treatment plan objectives using procedures approved by the BCBA.

·         Collect and record data accurately and efficiently in accordance with agency policy, DHS requirements and standards of the profession.

·         Demonstrate basic competency with skill requirements following a two-week intensive training and observation period.

·         Work with and receive regular direction from the designated BCBA / QSP for the purpose of helping the child achieve maximal progress, as well as identify and problem solve any barriers to progress on the treatment plan.

·         Within 45 days of employment the Behavior Interventionist is expected to support a caseload within expected guidelines for billable service.

2.    Administrative Responsibilities: 

·         Maintain current schedule with supervisor, communicating adjustments as they occur.

·         Complete chart notes daily for services provided and contacts made, ensuring that the documented time frame in the note accurately represents the service provided and that the note clearly describes the intervention provided.

·         Ensure that the file is in compliance with applicable standards and agency policy, including but not limited to: current Diagnostic Assessment, Individual Treatment Plan, financial agreements, releases of information, HIPAA / Notice of Privacy Practices, and evidence of ongoing case consultation.

·         Complete staff time and expense sheets bi-weekly for payroll processing.

·         Participate in supervision activities as directed.

·         Participate in required training as needed to meet program requirements.

·         Adhere to HIPAA privacy guidelines, data security expectations, and mandated reporting requirements, notifying management immediately of any breaches or concerns.

·         Follow agency policy and procedure

·         Contribute to the development of agency policies and procedures as requested.

3.    Professional Expectations: 

·         Communicate openly and directly with others

·         Take initiative, pitch in, and be a team player

·         Show flexibility when situations change, and re-prioritize tasks if needed

·         Show a positive attitude with respect to the job and present the agency in a positive light

·         Remember that you are an ambassador for the agency at all times

·         Dress appropriately for the job, following agency policy

·         Be respectful of and patient with clients, co-workers, and other team members

·         Work in a positive and cooperative manner with others

·         Resolve problems constructively

·         Accept responsibility for your own behavior, decisions, and actions

·         Behave in an ethical manner, maintaining professional boundaries in relationships and following the agency’s standards for expected ethical behavior

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