Case Management Services Supervisor


This position manages the Case Management Services staff in the Moorhead office, both children’s and adult case managers. Position oversees staff performance and scheduling in order to ensure proper utilization, and assists in the coordination of new referrals. Position maintains a working knowledge of case management program requirements and ensures that state standards are met. Position is also responsible. Position tracks and manages staff productivity requirements and ensures that state program requirements are met. Position is also responsible for developing and maintaining community partnerships and acts as the liaison and advocate for the program.



  • Must be at least 21 years of age

  • Must possess a bachelor’s degree in one of the behavioral sciences or a related field from an accredited college or university

  • Must have at least 2000 hours of supervised experience in the delivery of services to persons with mental illness

  • Must have a good working knowledge of community services and programs

  • Must have good organizational and communication skills

  • Must have leadership skills and supervisory experience


1.            Primary responsibilities include:

  • Oversee staff scheduling to ensure best coverage for program needs, prioritizing where necessary

  • Maintain adequate staffing levels for Case Management Services programs

  • Provide staff supervision, including completion of annual performance evaluations

  • Coordinate referrals

  • Ensure staff documentation in keeping with program standards 

  • Ensure staff receive required training

  • Provide orientation and on the job training for new staff

  • Ensure staff have a working knowledge of agency policies and procedures and program requirements

  • Provide agency representation at assigned community mental health coordination / planning meetings

  • Assist in developing and marketing agency services

  • Maintain community involvement as an agency representative

  • Attend agency management team meetings as assigned

  • Maintain a client caseload / direct services at a level assigned


2.            Administrative responsibilities include:

  • Complete notes for services rendered in keeping with policy

  • Provide staff management documentation to Clinic Manager on a monthly basis

  • Monitor service utilization as directed

  • Maintain staff productivity logs.

  • Ensure compliance of charts, in keeping with standards

  • Attend treatment team meetings as necessary.

  • Attend training and supervision meetings as scheduled.

  • Complete expense sheets bi-weekly.

  • Submit accurate billing / productivity reports each week.

  • Contribute to the development of agency policies and procedures as assigned.

  • Maintain at least 20 hours per year of continuing education in the area of mental illness

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