Billing Correction Log

Click here to log note errors in the Billing Correction Log

When a note has been billed out in error (wrong date, wrong number of units, wrong service, etc.), fill out the Billing Correction Log. Please accurately answer all questions in the survey above. The log is maintained by Vireo Fixit and Billing. Please note that completing the addendum will not automatically result in the bill being corrected. The bill will be corrected with the insurance company by Vireo Fixit and billing staff. You should record only one note per entry.

Steps for correcting errors in notes:

  1. Ensure the note is in Final status. If it is in Draft, or Co-sign, simply edit your mistakes as normal. Documents in Final cannot be edited, and we cannot put Finalized documents back in Draft status, which is why an addendum is necessary to clarify mistakes.
  2. Determine the type of error, and make certain of what the correct information should be.
  3. Go to the Client Page and access the e-chart to add an addendum to the erroneous document. To do this, click on the document that you would like to addend, and then click the "Addend EHR Document" button. Ensure that the document selection is correct, and then add all addendum content in the "Narrative" box. Your addendum should clearly declare the corrected information. Once you save the addendum, it will be attached to the note and cannot be removed, so make sure you are addending the correct document.
  4. Once the addendum is complete, fill out the Billing Correction Log only if the note has a billing error. If your error was minor, simply addend the document - no further action is required.
  5. Done! We will contact you if we need more information.

This log is only for errors that affect billing. If the note has a non-billing error, you can resolve it simply by adding an addendum. This includes cases where your note: is missing some content, has the wrong time listed but the duration (units billed) is correct, contains an erroneous sentence that can be clarified via addenda, or contains a client name error (that does not compromise the identity of another client). For these errors, simply add the addendum. You do not need to log it or contact Vireo Fixit.

If your note contains serious flaws in the content (i.e. the note does not describe the client or intervention accurately, the quality of the note is extremely bad, etc.) but the Billing data is correct, please contact Vireo Fixit to rewrite the note.

If you have any questions, please contact Vireo Fixit at